I Do Frugal

I Do Frugal

The Things I Do to Save a Buck or Two


Hello and welcome to my world of frugality.

My name is Jessica and I live in Bellevue, NE (home of SAC Offutt AFB), just under 15 minutes from Omaha.  I am so happy that you’re here.

This is my beautiful family!  My husband and I were married in June 2012 and our little girl came along in 2015…we are so blessed!

Goals and Ambitions

My goal is to promote, share money making & savings ideas as well as ideas on how to make your life easier.  I am not in any way, shape or form a money expert (licensed, educated, etc). In fact my background consists of a bachelor’s degree in legal assistant studies and over twenty years of dealing with people in high-stress environments.

My Goals are probably similar to most, I guess:

  1. Pay down credit card debt (I’m going to be on this one for a while)
  2. Pay off student loans (ugh! I have mixed emotions here!)
  3. Emergency fund (luckily, I have this going already; but, it could be better)
  4. Investing (same as #2, I have started investing small with Stash and Robinhood and have a Roth IRA already setup and funded)
  5. Buy some property
  6. Share with others (I do give some each month, it’s not a whole lot; but, I want to eventually do more…there are people in far worse positions than me)

My goal for this site is to be as transparent as possible. My goal is to share my actual debt with you and to also share any progress and setbacks (yes, those too…I think that’s important).

In the meantime, my goal for this site is to also share some of my favorite frugal ideas. I find a lot of ideas online that are simply amazing and I have my own ideas that I would like to share as well.

Enjoyable Things

I enjoy doing simple arts and crafts with my daughter. I am teaching her about utilizing things around the house (old magazines, plastic bottles, etc). My husband and I both enjoy DIY projects, at least when we can get them done. I usually go for upcycling and renovating projects, as they involve the bare bones already.

Grounded By Faith

My faith guides me as well as old school family traditions. Neither has failed me, especially in these last few years. My husband is in remission from thyroid cancer and every day is a blessing. He and I have been through a lot and we’ve been to the brink on several occasions. Prayer, family support and remaining steadfast are our weapons of choice in dealing with what is thrown at us…it works 🙂

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