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Many mothers will not admit to this; but, they are finding themselves to bit disappointed with their mother’s day gifts.

Don’t get me wrong, all mothers will be very happy to receive their gifts. They will also be very grateful that they received one; but, they can tell if very little thought goes into them. They can tell if you got them something that you just grabbed off the shelf at a local big box store.

mother's day, gifts, thoughtful

Gifts like chocolates, candies, or flowers are commonplace. If they are lucky they may also receive a card. If they’re really lucky, they may even receive some jewelry like that pair of earrings she’s been scoping out. I think that the older we get, the more we tend to spend on our mother’s day gifts; but, it also seems that less time and effort goes into the present!

They want something that is unique and came straight from the heart!

How to Avoid a Awkward Mother’s Day

But your mother doesn’t want you to spend a bunch of money on her gift! Sure, she’ll be much happier receiving a gift, than receiving nothing at all; but, she will be much more excited about a gift that takes some of your time and thought, rather than money.

What is the best mother’s day gift that she’s ever received? Ask her! It very well may be a craft project you made when you were a child – we love and absolutely cherish those! It could be a first painting or a card with your hand traced; but, it will be some type of craft that you made. Don’t be surprised if she loved it so much that she still has it in her wardrobe somewhere!

mother's day, thoughtful, gifts

Time to Get Crafty!

Well, just a suggestion; but, why not make a mother’s day present this year? You don’t have to be a child to make mothers day crafts. You don’t really need to be that skilled or crafty either. There are many things you can make that will look great and are not that difficult to create.

There are many types of mother’s day crafts – just check out Pinterest for some inspiration! Perhaps one of the easiest things to make would be your own mother’s day card. If you’re good at drawing, or handy with graphical software on the computer, why not make your own card? Your mother will love you for it! Me personally, Canva is my go-to for all things imaging. I use Canva for my site and social media images and I also use it at work. It’s very handy and easy to use!

thoughtful, mother's day, gifts

A Few Crafting Suggestions

How about scrapbooking? If so, then how about doing some scrapbooking, and making your mother her own personalized scrapbook for this mother’s day? There are lots of things you could scrapbook on, from events in the previous year, a summary of your mothers life up to this point, or a scrapbook of the entire family. I guarantee this will go down as a great a treat!

Bouquets are always a nice idea, especially if it is customized to her likes. For this mother’s day, I am making some really cute looking candy bouquets. They cost almost nothing to make, look fantastic, and didn’t really take that long either. And I know what candies my mother likes (candy corn), so I know she’ll enjoy it!

Time to Get Started!

The important thing is to just think of some craft that you’re talented at and give it a spin! Trust me when I say that your mother will appreciate mother’s day crafts you have made, MUCH more than another mother’s day gift that lacks in thought and imagination!

So this mothers day, please – no boring, thoughtless presents! You’ve got time to think about it now, about what she likes and appreciates the most. Get those creative juices flowing and give her something that will say “I love you and am always thinking of you!”

mother's day, gifts, thoughtful
mother's day, gifts, thoughtful