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If you are running a home-based business, you must have a clean and organized home office right at your own home. However, after some time, that home office could look and feel more like a storage room. The result: dread having to go in there and chances are, you will fall behind in your work. You might be forced to work at the kitchen or at other places in your house.

Here are several organization and cleaning tips that could help you properly organize your own home office so that it could always be functional and presentable no matter what.

First, declutter!

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This is probably my favorite task to complete! A cluttered office is not an organized office! You have to categorize each item in the home office and decide which things should stay and which should go. Perform a basic decluttering activity. It would be advisable if you would classify items into things that you would:

  • Keep
  • Trash
  • Donate
  • Hold (pending decision – don’t mull over it too long!)

The last (pending decision) could be given a six-month shelf life. After that, you must already be decided what to do with the item. If you are not able to do so, you could put it into your trash or donate items. Items that are not useful anymore should be categorized as trash and should immediately go to the trash can.

Keep things that are obviously and logically useful and important. Donate or recycle for other purposes things that could still have other uses other than its former function in the home office. Keep in mind that the idea is to organize your office space.

Refresh Your Space

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After clearing out your office, take a look around, paying particular attention to corners, baseboards and vents. These areas tend to accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, cobwebs, etc. And these are also areas that tend to go unnoticed.

Before getting your space organized it is a great idea to clean the space starting from the top down. Call me funny; but, i’ve never been able to work in a space that was dirty, no matter how organized it may have been. Think of the satisfaction you’ll have working in a space that is not only organized; but, it is also clean. This will make it easier to maintain and in the long run that’s what you want!

It would be ideal if you would decide to paint or repaint the room. I prefer bright and stimulating paint colors like blues or yellows so you could re-energize your newly organized room. Experts assert that a room designated as a home office could be more useful and cheerful if it would be painted or re-painted with attractive colors.

Now, we set up and get organized!

Turn to the desk

It is the area you would be using most time of the day. It’s the epicenter of your work and demands a high level of organization. An ā€˜Lā€™ shaped one is most advisable. Put your computer, fax machine, phone, and printer in one wing. Assign the other wing for spreading out on. If you are right handed, put the phone on your left side so that you could talk and at the same time take down notes with your right hand (do the opposite if you are left-handed).

It would also be advisable if you would prefer to invest in all-in-one equipment, which combines phone, fax, printer, and scanner in one device for space efficiency.

Chances are you had a lot of old papers that you had to sort through before tossing or shredding. Make sure that your desk is equipped with a system that allows you to organize your papers efficiently. Depending on how you wish to set up your work space, there are many different avenues that you can pursue. I prefer the most frugal route; so, more often than not I will get pens, clips, etc from the Dollar Tree. But, for the stuff that I normally can’t find there, I usually turn to an online outlet like Amazon. Simply put, the variety is amazing and

Nothing Personal

organized, home office, cleaning ideas

Take out all personal things from the home office. Such items could only be a cause of distraction and could practically and visually clutter up the home office space. Have a box where you could put in all your magazines and print outs. If you think all your magazines and periodicals are just piling up and you do not get to read them all, get rid of those and cancel your subscriptions.

These organization tips would surely make your home office better. Do you have any office organization tips that you would like to share? Feel free to drop me a note in the comments section below!

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