To Buy or DIY Baby Picture Frames – Short Practical Guide

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For the longest time, buying baby picture frames meant looking for something pink or blue. Maybe perhaps finding a theme that might in some way be related to your child. That has changed recently, as you can find just about anything you would like to have on a frame.

Buy or DIY Picture Frames?

Some people who are handy with wood, paint and other crafting tools like to make them on their own. Others like to shop, hoping to find the perfect frame. However, personalized and special frames for pictures of your children are a lot closer than you might think.

picture frames, diy

Let’s say that you want to make your own baby picture frames. All you have to do is find a plain frame in the right color. If you can’t find it anywhere, look in your local craft stores. They usually have something for just about everyone. You can then decide what you want to do with your baby picture frames. Check out your local thrift stores. Frames are usually found in many different types, shapes, sizes and colors of frames.

If you like to paint, you can add your own design if you wish. To simplify your design, you can find many great things you can simply attach to the frame with a bit of glue. You can add a theme or even your child’s name. You can do both if you wish. Let your imagination guide you.

diy, picture frames

Places to Buy Frames

If you feel you don’t have the talent or the time to make your own baby picture frames, don’t worry, there are many great ones out there now. If you look around online, you can find places that sell things you may never have imagined. Some online vendors may even customize any frame you want (usually for a nominal fee). Also, they will then mail them out to you in a secure package to minimize breakage during shipping. These can be personalized with almost anything you wish, and don’t have to cost a lot of money either.

There are also a number of arts and crafts stores located throughout the U.S.

Be Safe When Choosing Picture Frames

There is one thing you should keep in mind if you are making or buying your own baby picture frames. Even though many will go on the wall and little hands will never touch them, some are placed on nightstands or other places that are in reach.

If this is the case for the frame you are going to buy, make sure they do not have small pieces that can come off and be a choking hazard. Therefore, sure that the paint is safe if your child were to put the frame in their mouth. Children under the age of two often explore the world with their mouth, so keep that in mind as you choose.

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I certainly hope that this helps! Do you have a picture frame that you created from scratch or one that you may have rehabbed that you would like to share? We would love to see it and add it to the post.

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13+ Must-Have Thrift Store Home Decor Accessories

We yearn to have a beautifully decorated home. Thrift stores are the answer to many home decor woes. We may not see the need to spend thousands of dollars on redecorating; or, simply put, you may not have the funds for such a decorative feat.

Here are over thirteen amazing thrift store home decor ideas for you to consider (these are examples of what I have personally found, your local thrift store stock may differ) :

thrift, store, home, decor, accessories, accents


Decorative baskets are a main go-to for my home. They are versatile and available in so many different styles and colors. They are also very easy to be found at your local thrift store. I especially love the look of woven baskets.

thrift, store, home, decor, accents, accessories


What is a home without mirrors? We always need that final look before heading to work, school, etc. After all, first impressions are lasting ones.

thrift, store, home, decor, accessories, accents


Wood crates add a nice farmhouse touch to any room. They are a great addition to your farmhouse home decor. These can also be found on sites such as Craigslist, for free sometimes!

home, decor, thrift, store, accessories, accents

Throw Rugs

Adding a throw rug to your bedroom or living room can add that extra flare or pop of color that you’ve been wanting.

thrift, store, home, decor, accessories, accents


Candles are a super classy decorative item that can fit almost anywhere.

thrift, store, home, decor, accents, accessories


Who says plates are only for eating? Plates are available in so many different colors, patterns and sometimes even different textures. You can decorate your walls, a buffet, the possibilities are endless!

thrift, store, home, decor, accessories, accents


I find vases at thrift stores all the time. They are a common item to almost any home decor repertoire. Like plates, you can find these in many different colors and textures. But, they also vary in size and material as well.

thrift, store, accessories, home, decor, accents

Faux Flowers

If you’re like me and can’t keep flowers alive to save your life, then these are a great, low-maintenance and inexpensive way to go. These are very easy to track down at local thrift stores as well – all they need is a little cleaning and a nice container.

thrift, store, home, decor, accessories, accents

Vintage Luggage

Admittedly, I don’t find these very often at thrift stores. But, when I do it is always a treat. If you are looking to go the shabby chic route of home decor, these are a must-have!

thrift, store, home, decor, accessories, accents, thrifty

Photo Frames

Photo frames are probably the most abundant thrift store home decor items listed here. Whether your looking to re-frame a family picture or a picture that you yourself painted, finding the right frame could be a fairly easy task.

thrift, store, home, decor, accessories, accents


Still life, animals, photos of silhouette profiles, etc are a very inexpensive way to add life to some bare walls.

thrift, store, accessories, accents,home, decor

Wall Hangings

Another thrift store home decor idea is to find some really awesome wall hangings to display.

thrift, store, home, decor, accessories, accents

Tiered Display

Tiered displays are such a versatile home decor item. These can be placed in your kitchen to display fruit or they can be used to display jewelry. And, if you don’t find what you’re looking for in the thrift stores, why not get creative and build one to your liking?

accents, thrift, store, home, decor, accessories,

Vintage Books

These are very popular in shabby chic style homes. Gather about three or four vintage style books, string them together with some twine or ribbon and you’ve just added a little shabby chic flare.

thrift, store, home, decor, accessories, accents


In a world where digital clocks are the way to go, old-style clocks still have their place in society. Add a touch of class to your home decor with a lovely vintage style clock.

thrift store, accessories, accents, home, decor

Decorative Pillows

They’re fluffy and lovely to look at. These are another item that are very easy to find in thrift stores. Usually they’re available in many different colors, patterns and materials. The only real downside is finding matching pairs…but, this is a great chance to get creative and try some mixing and matching!

thrift, store, home, decor, accessories, accents

Table Cloths

One of the first places that I like to go to in the thrift stores are the racks. I’m always looking for nice comforters. This is more than likely where you will find the table cloths, hanging up with the comforters.

thrift, store, accessories, accents, home, decor


Thrift stores are known for their knick knacks. But, amongst them are the statuettes and I sometimes find mixed in.

thrift, store, home, decor, accessories, accents

Decorative Boxes

I love decorative boxes! These are another item that are usually available in different colors, shapes and sizes. They can also be used in any room. There is definitely no shortage of home decor ideas as far as decorative boxes are concerned.

accessories, thrift, store, home, decor, accents

Glass Jars

Plentiful and versatile glass jars can easily be found at your local thrift stores. These are great for displaying flowers, succulents and non-floral items such as rocks and marbles…the ideas are countless!