20+ Thoughtful DIY Mother’s Day Craft Gift Ideas

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20+ Thoughtful DIY Mother’s Day Craft Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Are you trying to figure out what to give your special lady? Why not get creative and make something that she will never forget? Give her something that is straight from your heart and not necessarily Amazon? Here is a roundup of some really awesome DIY gifts from some of my favorite bloggers. Enjoy!

Delicious Dark Chocolate Mother’s Day Bouquet

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I am absolutely in love with dark chocolate! So I am starting this roundup with this dark chocolate bouquet from Tikkido.com.

DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs

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Easy DIY marbled nail polish mugs make the perfect homemade gift! A simple craft done in a few minutes that looks like it took hours of work!

Mother’s Day Craft – Easy DIY projects

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Chances are pretty good that you already have most (if not all) of these materials at home. Even if you don’t have everything at the moment, these items can be found at the Dollar Tree! Here are two very easy craft projects that your kids can do as well!

Cupcake Flower Pots: Edible DIY Gift

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Have an absolute blast with these easy to create cupcake flower pots!

DIY Mother’s Day Scented Candle

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You can always find a scented candle at Wal-mart and simply call it good. But, if your mother enjoys scented candles, why not give her one that is personalized to her taste and personality. This scented candle idea will make a great present!

How to Make a Camper Potholder with Pattern

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This is adorable and I feel a certain sense of nostalgia for this DIY project – a potholder was my very first project when I was a kid 🙂 That being said, I am really looking forward to trying this project with my daughter this summer.

Tie Dye Coffee Filters Paper Flowers

gifts, mother's day, diy

Keep your kids busy with this fun and easy coffee filter project for Mother’s Day.

Flower Pot with Printable Tag

gifts, mother's day, diy

Very easy, simple, from the heart flower pot…FREE printable flower pot tag!

Free Printable Wrapping Paper

mother's day, diy, gifts

Free printable wrapping paper!

Mother’s Day Candy Bouquet

mother's day, diy, gifts

Just like the scented candle, candy bouquets can be found in any big-box store. But, they’re probably all the same…there is no personalization, they’re cookie cutter. This is why I am all for creating a bouquet instead of buying one. Here is another personalized bouquet…my mom will have hers with Jelly Belly!

Easy DIY Painted Flower Pots

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Brighten up mom’s day with these beautiful, vibrant flower pots!

Mother’s Day Bookmark & Card Watercolor Project

mother's day, gifts, diy

Beautiful watercolor bookmark and card project

Slay at Home Mom Shirt

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If you are crafty with your Cricut, then this should be a snap and not to mention fun and easy. I can think of a few ladies in my family that would love this awesome “Slay at Home Mom” shirt.

Mother’s Day Selfie Card

mother's day, gifts, diy

Free printable from Artsy Fartsy Mama, Mother’s Day selfie…my daughter would love to send this 🙂

DIY Flower-Topped Gift Box

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Do you have a gift already that you still need to wrap? Try this beautiful DIY flower-topped gift box!

Foiled Mother’s Day Card

mother's day, diy, gifts

Easy DIY craft where you can tell your mom how much you love her. Click here for this simple and beautiful Mother’s Day card craft idea.

Handprint Flowers on a Watering Can

gifts, mother's day, diy

If mom is also a grandmother, imagine giving her a gift that has all of the grandbabies handprints on it? This watering can with handprints would be a most-welcome gift!

DIY Floral Monogram Door Hanger

gifts, mother's day, diy

This DIY is an awesome handmade idea for just about any occasion and you don’t have to be an expert to create this floral monogram door hanger.

Easy-to-Make DIY Mother’s Day Cards

mother's day, diy, gifts

This cupcake liner and flower card is an absolutely perfect and fun craft that your kids can create.

Crocheted Necklace

gifts, diy, mother's day

Crochet jewelry for mom would be a wonderful gift idea! This is something that would be very easy to personalize, just for mom 🙂

Mother’s Day Pop-Up Card

mother's day, gifts, diy

Another easy to make and easy to personalize craft that can be a lot of fun to make. A Mother’s Day pop-up card for mom would be the perfect gift for mom, grandma, mum, etc.

DIY Pedi in a Jar

mother's day, gifts, diy

DIY Pedi in a Jar! I love jars! This is a great Mother’s Day gift that is so easy, fun, easy to personalize…this encompases everything I would look for in a gift.

DIY Silhouette Portrait

gifts, diy, mother's day

This is another great Mother’s Day idea, I never thought of a silhouette portrait before.

Quick Mother’s Day Crafts to Just Print Color and Love

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This is a quick Mother’s Day craft, download your free Mother’s Day craft SVG file and give her something that she will love!

DIY Dollar Tree Home Décor Ideas Roundup

Spring has sprung and, with all of the negativity right now, it is time for some good, positive and inexpensive DIY inspiration!

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How to Make a Stamped Book Stack with Dollar Store Supplies

I love books for all of the obvious reasons. But, I have a new love for many decorative ideas that they give. Click here to find out how you can have this look!

DIY Topiary Trees

Topiary trees can make almost any space look amazing, as if you’ve spent hundreds of dollars, even. Click here for a fun and easy DIY!

DIY Dollar Tree Sun Hat Wreath

This super-easy DIY craft may be the perfect front porch decor. The possibilities are absolutely endless – pick your color, your theme, etc and you don’t have to spend a fortune. Click here for the entire tutorial.

Disney Dollar Store DIY: Mickey and Minnie Jars

Inspire your little ones to be creative and organized with these very easy to make decorative storage jars. These are so cute and easy to make! Click here for the tutorial!

How to Make a Wreath for Shabby Chic Home Decor

I love shabby chic decor. Click here to see the entire tutorial on how to create this beautiful and simple shabby chic door wreath.

Dollar Tree Easter Bunny Wreath Tutorial

diy, home decor, craft, dollar tree

This is an absolutely adorable Easter bunny wreath. The supplies can be purchased at the Dollar Tree and there is a informative, easy to follow youtube tutorial on how to make this as well!

Easy Gnomes DIY

Let’s face it, garden gnomes are just the cutest and these are just downright adorable! This looks like it would be a fun project for anyone to do. Click here for the tutorial on how to create these cute garden gnomes!

How to Make a Cheap DIY Dry Erase Board in Only 5 Minutes

I need one of these in my home. The materials are very inexpensive. You can more than likely find these materials at the Dollar Tree and the best thing (at least to me) about this is that you can customize the board according to your tastes, the current time of the year, etc. Check out this very easy DIY craft that can be done in a very short period of time!

Dollar Store Walt Disney Quote Sign

Who doesn’t like a good quote every now and then? And, when it comes from the most famous mouse in the world, well it would make me feel extra special! Check out this tutorial for more on how to create this awesome sign!

Milk Glass Mason Jar DIY: Easy Spring Decor

Very easy DIY milk glass mason jar project from Sunny Sweet Days. Mason jars are probably one of the most versatile craft materials available.

Dollar Tree Floor Mat To Tote Bag Sewing Project

decor, dollar tree

I saw these floor mats just the other day in Dollar Tree and they were also available in three (I think) different colors – green, beige, light blue. If you’re handy with a needle and thread, this will be a very easy craft to create.

Make Your Own Farmhouse 3 Tier Tray Stack

thrift, store, home, decor, accessories, accents

Farmhouse decor is one of my favorite decorative styles and it seems to be popular amongst a lot of people. Click here to learn how to make this three tier stand at home!

Springtime Wall Art – Baking Pan Hack

thrift, store, home, decor, accessories, accents

This tutorial can be used with a springform baking pan that can be found at the Dollar Tree. Unless, of course, you happen to have one of your own that’s just sitting in the cabinet, begging to be used for something 🙂

Once again, credits for this roundup go to…

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To Buy or DIY Baby Picture Frames – Short Practical Guide

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For the longest time, buying baby picture frames meant looking for something pink or blue. Maybe perhaps finding a theme that might in some way be related to your child. That has changed recently, as you can find just about anything you would like to have on a frame.

Buy or DIY Picture Frames?

Some people who are handy with wood, paint and other crafting tools like to make them on their own. Others like to shop, hoping to find the perfect frame. However, personalized and special frames for pictures of your children are a lot closer than you might think.

picture frames, diy

Let’s say that you want to make your own baby picture frames. All you have to do is find a plain frame in the right color. If you can’t find it anywhere, look in your local craft stores. They usually have something for just about everyone. You can then decide what you want to do with your baby picture frames. Check out your local thrift stores. Frames are usually found in many different types, shapes, sizes and colors of frames.

If you like to paint, you can add your own design if you wish. To simplify your design, you can find many great things you can simply attach to the frame with a bit of glue. You can add a theme or even your child’s name. You can do both if you wish. Let your imagination guide you.

diy, picture frames

Places to Buy Frames

If you feel you don’t have the talent or the time to make your own baby picture frames, don’t worry, there are many great ones out there now. If you look around online, you can find places that sell things you may never have imagined. Some online vendors may even customize any frame you want (usually for a nominal fee). Also, they will then mail them out to you in a secure package to minimize breakage during shipping. These can be personalized with almost anything you wish, and don’t have to cost a lot of money either.

There are also a number of arts and crafts stores located throughout the U.S.

Be Safe When Choosing Picture Frames

There is one thing you should keep in mind if you are making or buying your own baby picture frames. Even though many will go on the wall and little hands will never touch them, some are placed on nightstands or other places that are in reach.

If this is the case for the frame you are going to buy, make sure they do not have small pieces that can come off and be a choking hazard. Therefore, sure that the paint is safe if your child were to put the frame in their mouth. Children under the age of two often explore the world with their mouth, so keep that in mind as you choose.

picture frames, diy

I certainly hope that this helps! Do you have a picture frame that you created from scratch or one that you may have rehabbed that you would like to share? We would love to see it and add it to the post.

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